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Auditions & Shows

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to prepare anything if I am registering to participate in the show?

No preparation is necessary. Just sign up, pay your registration fee, and you're in!

When does the show rehearse?

Rehearsals are held Monday through Friday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. 




Those cast in larger roles will have more rehearsal time than those cast in smaller roles.

What about makeup?

Due to sanitary concerns, each actor must provide their own theatrical makeup. Theatrical makeup can be purchased locally at Norcostco in Golden Valley, or Twin Cities Magic and Costume in Saint Paul, or ordered online from Ben Nye or Mehron.

Do I need to buy costumes?

All actors must provide their own appropriate undergarments and stage shoes that have been approved by the appropriate staff members.

How should I prepare for an audition?

Those seeking a larger role are advised to prepare a short song and monologue(2 minutes or less) for their audition. Come dressed for movement, in non-constricting clothes, and stage shoes(i.e. please no boots, sandals, flip flops, or crocs).

What will I/my child do when they are not onstage?

Music, dance, and blocking rehearsals are often run simultaneously and in different locations adjacent to the Little Theater. Our highly experienced staff will provide a variety of performance enrichment activities for those who are not onstage. However, PLEASE bring quiet activities or homework to occupy yourself/your child for when not rehearsing or engaged in enrichment activities.

Do I have to volunteer?

We depend on volunteers to contain the cost of producing our shows. We are able to offer low participation fees and inexpensive ticket prices because of the work of our great volunteers. And besides, you will have fun, meet new people, and feel a pride of ownership in our high quality shows. A fully refundable per child volunteer check will be collected and held uncashed. All checks will be returned to you upon the completion of the set strike following the last performance assuming that you have completed your volunteer hours.

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