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Meet our Instructors

Joe Cook

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Joe Cook is a local musician, singer and songwriter who has been playing  music all his life.  Guitar is his main area of expertise with the addition of harmonica, ukulele, percussion, and general music theory.  He plays a wide variety of genres such as classic rock, folk, blues, country, show tunes, and reggae/ska.  Joe is a great instructor and coach for beginners all the way up to those looking to prepare for their first live performance.

Lilly Hayworth


Lilly Hayworth is a local musician who has spent her life studying the intricacies of music and voice. A classically trained operatic soprano, her specialties are voice, piano, acting, and dialects coaching. She sings a wide variety of styles ranging from opera to musical theatre to modern and has performed a large variety of stage roles. Lilly specializes in coaching and teaching beginner to intermediate students.

Eileen Anderson

Piano Keys

Master teacher Eileen Anderson began volunteering as a voice teacher and coach during high school when Wally Miller(retired ERHS choir director) wasn't using his office, Eileen was using it to teach fellow students to sing. Her students have been awarded millions of dollars in scholarships. Since that time she has served in multiple areas as a music teacher, musical conductor, theatrical director, 4H leader, 4H judge(arts and equine). She has served as tour leader, taking groups of youth and adults throughout the USA and eight countries. Hundreds of area residents have enjoyed one or more of the 39 tours with Eileen. With Command Performance Choirs, Youth Theatre Workshop, and North Star Arts, Eileen has served as a volunteer and Artistic Director.

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