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Beauty and the Beast
Cast List

Young Prince: Sam Branjord

Young Beast: Eli Branjord

Ballroom Guests: TBD

Enchantress: Taylor Meneley

The Beast: Isaac Branjord
Narrator 1: Gia Johnson

Narrator 2: Avianna Boydston

Narrator 3: Rachael Sullivan

Narrator 4: Ruthie Perry

Belle: Brynleigh Loiselle

Baker: Laila Hill

Marie: Aurelia de Obaldia

Bookseller: Lucy Branjord

Milk Maid: Piper Erickson

Aristocratic Lady: Ruthie Perry

Shepherd: Hunter Sweat

Lady with a Baby: Sophia Kuhlman

Fish Man: Layton Loiselle
Curl Girl: Chloe Boydston

Lady with a Bow: Morgan Coleman

Candlemaker: Nevada Arnold

Hat Seller: Farrah Taylor

Gaston: Eli Branjord

LeFou: Sam Branjord

Cronies: Layton Loiselle, Hunter Sweat

Silly Girls: Josephine Huettl, Audrey Meeker, Lila Ball

Maurice: Melanie Spoden

Lumiere: Alyssa Melberg

Cogsworth: Georgia Arnold

Babette: Laila Hill

Mrs. Potts: Lyla Schaffran

Chip: Piper Erickson

MAdame de la Grande Bouche: October Evans

NApkins: Gia Johnson, Avianna Boydston, Rachael Sullivan, Lila Ball

Candlesticks: Josephine Huettl, Audrey Meeker

Cups, Saucers, Salt, Pepper: Aubrey Sullivan, Aurelia de Obaldia, Nevada Arnold, Farrah Taylor, Chloe Boydston, Ruthie Perry

Sheep: Lukas Sonntag, Aurelia de Obaldia, Ruthie Perry, Farrah Taylor

Wolves: Layton Loiselle, Morgan Coleman, Hunter Sweat, Sophia Kuhlman, Nevada Arnold, Chloe Boydston, Farrah Taylor, Aubrey Sullivan

Other roles may be added as needed.

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