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Join us for the 10 Year Anniversary Production



Narrator: One or two good speakers

Mrs. Mary Darling: Adult female, high singing voice

Mr. George Darling: Adult male, intimidating presence, actor also portrays Captain Hook

Nana: Nursemaid Dog

Wendy: 11-12

John: 10-11

Michael: 7-8

Teddy Bear: Michael's teddy bear.

Peter Pan: Male or female, 12-14

Tinkerbell: Pantomime role, older teen

Little Tinkerbell: Miniature Tink, 8-10

Fawn: Older teen

Little Fawn: Miniature Fawn, 8-10

Iridessa: Older teen, POC role

Little Iridessa: Miniature Iridessa, POC role, 8-10

Silvermist: Older teen, possible POC role

Little Silvermist: Miniature Silvermist, possible POC role, 8-10

Vidia: Older teen

Little Vidia: Miniature Vidia, 8-10

Periwinkle: Tinkerbell's twin sister, older teen

Little Periwinkle: Miniature Periwinkle, 8-10

Rosetta: Older teen

Little Rosetta: Miniature Rosetta, 8-10

Great Aunt Millicent: Distinguished older lady

Aunt Angela: Middle Age

Peter Pan's Shadow: Male or Female, 12-14

Captain Hooke: Adult male, actor also portrays Mr. Darling

Mr. Smee: Adult Male

Pirate Blackbart: Any age

Pirate Calico Jack: Any age

Pirate Anne Bonny: Any age

Pirate Blackbeard: Any age

Pirate Pegleg Polly: Any age

Pirate Threeshot: Any age

Pirate Chorus: All ages

Lost Boy Slightly(Fox): 11-12

Lost Boy Cubbie(Bear): 10-12

Lost Boy Nibbs(Rabbit): 8-10

Lost Boy Twin 1(Raccoon): 8-9

Lost Boy Twin 2(Raccoon): 8-9

Lost Boy Tootles(Skunk): Pantomime role, 6-7

Lost Boys Chorus: 12 and under

Chief Cochise: Adult male

Princess Tiger Lily: Older teen

Warrior Big Eagle: Any age

Warrior Eagle Claw: Any age

Warrior Walking Crow: Any age

Warrior Crouching Tiger: Any age

Warrior Little Frog: Any age

Mermaid Aquata: Any age

Mermaid Arista: Any age

Mermaid Attina: Any age

Mermaid Adella: Any age

Mermaid Alana: Any age

Mermaid Andrina: Any age

Mermaid Chorus: Any age

Crocodile: 12 and up

Neverland Chorus: Any age

Pixie Dust: 7 and under


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